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Might & Magic: COH DLC announced

Plus, PC version gets a release date.

Stupidly brilliant puzzle RPG Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes gets a DLC expansion later this year, Ubisoft has announced.

The I Am The Boss add-on does pretty much what it says on the tin, letting you play as one of four of the game's boss characters in Quick Battle and multiplayer modes.

There's no release date or price confirmed yet but it'll be out for both the console versions and the upcoming PC port.

Speaking of which, Ubisoft has finally given the desktop version a release date: 22 September. Pre-order it now from UbiShop and you'll get the DLC for free when it launches.

The Capybara-developed gem first launched on DS back in 2009, before being tarted up for consoles earlier this year. As detailed in our Clash of Heroes review, you'll play few better games this year.

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