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Midway "concerned" over PS3

Confident price cut will help.

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Midway's CEO David Zucker has told that he's still concerned about sales of the PlayStation 3, but thinks the recently announced USD 100 price cut will certainly help the console in the short term.

However, worries over the uptake of the PS3 aren't enough to put Midway off supporting the luxury console, with Unreal Tournament 3 exclusive to the machine this year, and forthcoming action game Stranglehold set to feature a full-length movie on the Blu-ray game disc.

"We would not be the only publisher to tell you that we're a little concerned about the take-up of the PS3," said Zucker, in an interview published today.

"Anytime you get a hundred dollar price on hardware it will improve sales. The question is, is it enough? Will there be more?"

The Unreal Tournament 3 deal is just one way that Midway is backing the PS3, and it's confident it's a title that will make a big impact on the home console when released in November.

"When you go back to last year's E3, one of the first titles that were shown on Sony's PS3 was Unreal Tournament. So, it has always been a big title for the PS3," he said.

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