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Microsoft reveals new Mineral Camo Special Edition Xbox controller

Could be hard to find.

There is now another camo controller to add to your Xbox collection.

Following the release of the Night Ops Camo, Arctic Camo, and Daystrike Camo controllers, this Mineral Camo Xbox controller comes in a "bold mineral blue, bright purple, aqua, and dark purple camouflage pattern". Microsoft says this controller is inspired by "geode crystals", and that it "finds the perfect balance between striking and subdued."

You can see it in all its glory below.

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This new controller comes with "Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth technology for wireless gaming on console, PC, mobile phones and tablets."

Microsoft boasts that its shape will enhance player comfort, while allowing them to "stay on target" thanks to the "hybrid D-pad and textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back case".

As ever, those that wish to do so are able to remap this controller through the Xbox Accessories app. And there's also the 'Share' button that, yes, allows you to capture and share your gameplay.

Those keen to get their hands on this controller can do so now via Xbox.

Meanwhile, the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox - Mineral Camo is also available via the Microsoft Store for those in the US, or through Razer directly for those elsewhere.

Microsoft states, "this charge stand can get you fully fueled up and ready for the game in 3 hours or less".

If camouflage is your thing, Sony also recently released a new camo controller for the PlayStation 5. Two new camouflaged controllers in one month - who saw that coming?!