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Microsoft no longer repairing Xbox 1

Unless it's still in warranty.

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As of today, if your original Xbox breaks down outside of warranty, Microsoft will no longer be able to repair it, according to a new policy post on

"Any other technical support, documents, and content, however, will continue to be available to all our customers," it adds, referring to the website's archive.

"Although Microsoft is ending repair services for the Original Xbox, an upgrade program and support will be maintained for Original Xbox consoles that are still under Warranty." So that's alright then.

Originally released on 14th March 2002 in Europe, the original Xbox was quickly abandoned once Microsoft got the Xbox 360 sorted (relatively sorted, anyway) for release in late 2005.

While many multiformat games still release on its main competitor, the older PlayStation 2, we can't remember the last time anyone put something out on Xbox 1, despite the 360's backwards compatibility.

Poor old Xbox. Join us in celebrating its passing with our archived 12 Games of Xbox and Xbox Cult Classics features.

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