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Mew-Genics' first gameplay footage teased in gif

Shows the miracle of childbirth.

Team Meat has shown off a few seconds of gameplay from its upcoming "cat lady simulator" Mew-Genics in the following gif. (Click on to watch.)

While the brief animation clearly portrays the miracle of kitten childbirth (kittenbirth?), Team Meat's Edmund McMillen explained on the game's development blog what's going on here in more detail.

Apparently the father, Manchester, is a rather pervy fellow who knocked up his mate, Dr. Butts, on the first go-round, suggesting that he's a potent feline. The first kitten born, Fanky 2, shares traits from both parents with his father's head shape, body and tail, but his mother's markings. Apparently in the world of Mew-Genics, these spots are considered a sign of being a pure bred, and rate higher in the cat show biz.

A kittens' appearance can change as they grow older and hit puberty. McMillen explained that their head, eyes and tail might alter their shape, while lil' Fanky here could grow a nose, get a deeper voice, and potentially inherit his father's creepily perverse libido. Or he could kill his dad, which is what McMillen said actually went down in this particular playthrough.

Mew-Genics is set for release later this year on iOS and Steam.

Elsewhere in McMillen's upcoming repertoire is The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, which the developer has just put out an FAQ for. Apparently the Vita, PS4 and PC demake will feature nearly double the content of the previous version with over 150 new items, three new playable characters, more chapters and endings, and a new local-only co-op mode. McMillen reckons development is over halfway complete, though no release window has been announced.

He also noted that those who already own The Binding of Isaac on Steam will receive a discount on Rebirth, though details on how that will work have yet to be announced.