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Mega Drive Mini 2 gets European release date, as full game catalogue announced

Night Trap!

Sega has announced the European release date for its Mega Drive Mini 2.

For those in Europe who are keen to get their hands on the mini retro console, you will be able to do so from the 27th October. If you are keeping track, this is the same day as the Genesis Mini 2 in North America.

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To accompany this release date announcement, Sega has also lifted the lid on all the games that will be available on the console.

Included in this catalogue is the FMV Night Trap, which tasks players with keeping a watchful eye on a sleepover, all the while ensuring that vampires can't infiltrate the festivities. It is unintentionally very funny, so check it out.

Other games include Golden Axe 2, Streets of Rage 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog CD. You can see the trailer showcasing all of these games in the tweet from Sega below.

The Mega Drive Mini 2's design is based on the Genesis 2 and will come with a 6-Button Control Pad, instead of the original console's three button layout.

Meanwhile, if you want your Mega Drive fix and can't wait until October, head over to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Here you will find titles such as Mega Man: The Wily Wars and Zero Wing.