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May made LEGO: RB hair demands

Queen guitarist happy now, though.

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Queen guitarist Brian May required his famous perm be replicated perfectly before he signed away his likeness for LEGO Rock Band.

"I think my LEGO character is wonderful. I want one," May, 62, told Yahoo.

"We had discussions about the hair," he added, "there were a few emails. They had to negotiate to use my likeness, but it's a nice thing."

As a result, game developer Traveller's Tales (working with Warner Bros., the LEGO group, Harmonix and MTV Games) has produced an enviable Brian May likeness. Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott is not happy.

"Joe Elliott rang me up and said he was p***ed off because they didn't make one of him," said May, who's wrinkly and clever, like an elephant.

LEGO Rock Band will be released on 27th November for DS, PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

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