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Mass Effect Trilogy includes DLC, amount depends on platform

PC gets more than Xbox 360. PS3 release date now "TBA".

BioWare's Mass Effect Trilogy bundle will include a limited selection of DLC.

Which add-ons are included depends on your platform of choice, the developer has confirmed.

The game's 7th November US release date has also been tweaked - PC and Xbox 360 players now get the game on 6th November, while PlayStation 3 gamers have to settle for a "TBA" date. There has been no word on a UK launch.

PC copies of Mass Effect Trilogy will include the best DLC selection (still not very much), including Mass Effect 1's Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station add-ons on-disc. Mass Effect 2 comes with its day-one DLC Cerberus Network intact (included with all new copies of the game). It unlocks the bonus squadmate Zaeed, plus a few extra missions and weapons. For Mass Effect 3, you'll get the game's online pass (also included with new copies).

For Xbox 360, you won't get any of the Mass Effect 1 DLC. But you will get Cerberus Network for Mass Effect 2 and the Online Pass for Mass Effect 3.

For PlayStation 3, BioWare has yet to decide. More information will be available "soon", the developer said.

This means - regardless of platform - you'll still have to pony up for the rest of the series' add-ons - including the excellent Lair of the Shadow Broker, Overlord and Kasumi packs for Mass Effect 2, as well as Mass Effect 3's recently-launched Leviathan.

Eurogamer plays Mass Effect 3.

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