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Mass Effect Legendary Edition photo mode detailed

Content saturation.

BioWare has confirmed a photo mode for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, so you can snap alien heartthrob Garrus from all angles.

Photo mode will be available as an option from the pause screen mission computer, BioWare technical design director Brenon Holmes said - which suggests it'll be available during gameplay at all times, but not during cut-scenes.

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Last night, Mass Effect boss Mac Walters revealed the mode on Twitter with a moody monochrome shot of Garrus standing next to the Mako in Mass Effect 1.

Holmes later confirmed the mode would be accessible across all three Mass Effect trilogy games, and supported on all of the remaster's various platforms.

Earlier this week, BioWare revealed a fresh comparison trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which you can watch again above. More than 30,000 textures have been tweaked, BioWare said, in time for the game's PC, PlayStation and Xbox launch on 14th May.

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