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Mass Effect Legendary Edition hasn't fixed this infinite Paragon/Renegade point glitch

Karma find out how to do it.

A classic cheese to infinitely boost your Paragon or Renegade score in the original Mass Effect remains intact in its new Legendary Edition remaster.

As resurfaced by Kotaku, this exploit is found on the planet of Noveria - so if you want to take advantage of having a full goodie-two-shoes reputation gauge, head there as quickly as you can.

Having a beefy Paragon or Renegade points bar is important throughout Mass Effect, as it'll allow you to resolve certain situations through dialogue and without things automatically playing out as a bloodbath.

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Here's the trick. Once at Noveria, head to the bar. There, a turian named Lorik Qui'in will ask you to collect some evidence from his old office. Talk to Gianna Parasini, who's nearby, then head back to Qui'in.

Lorik Qui'in.

Now you can convince him to testify in court, awarding you either Paragon or Renegade points. And you can do so over and over, awarding yourself an infinite supply.

"Just choose the dialogue options 'Matriarch Benezia', 'Another Question', 'Testify Against Anoleis', and then the morality option of your choice," Kotaku writes. Sneaky!

Last night I concluded the game's Feros arc, and found myself in a situation where I couldn't perform a particular Paragon check even though I'd stuck pretty close to being perfectly nice throughout my thorough playthrough.

I think some of this is just down to the order in which I'm completing missions - if I had visited Noveria first, I would probably have had enough points at Feros. But Mass Effect 1's morality system is the fiddliest of the three (and by ME3, points were replaced by a more fluid reputation score) and really this is all me justifying boosting my points using this trick tonight.

As for things which have been fixed, players have spotted a character's race has been changed, fixing a decade-old bug, and BioWare has finally replaced the terrible stock photo previously used to reveal Tali's helmet-less face.

For more Mass Effect, I recently sat down with lead writer Mac Walters to discuss how BioWare began planning ME3 - read on for details of a cut Reaper boss, switched missions and more.

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