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Mass Effect Legendary Edition briefly popped up with an Xbox Game Pass badge in Poland

It's the Streisand Mass Effect.

It looks like Mass Effect Legendary Edition may be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Polish gaming site, XGP, reports that the fan-favourite trilogy briefly had a Game Pass badge on the Polish Microsoft store listing a couple of days back.

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Credit: XGP

The image with the Xbox Game Pass logo has already been deleted - naturally - and neither Microsoft nor EA have confirmed or denied the rumour, but XGP says it managed to get a screenshot before the listing was changed back (thanks, VGC).

While all we can do is chalk this up to a rumour for now, given EA's subscription service, EA Play, is bundled in as part of the Xbox Game Pass service, it's not the most ridiculous rumour we've ever seen. What this space, I guess...

ICYMI, Mass Effect 1's combat-focused Pinnacle Station - the only piece of extra content left out of this year's bumper Legendary Edition - has been added back into the game by fans.

As Tom reported at the time, prior to the Legendary Edition's release, BioWare let fans know that Pinnacle Station would sadly not be present as its original source code was lost, and a backup had corrupted. Without this, BioWare said, the DLC would take months of work to restore. Well, six months later, a team of fans has now done it - fixing some original bugs and discovering a long-lost Easter egg in the process.