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Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC spotted again

Inside the Dragon Age 2 box.

The Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC uncovered last month has been sighted again - this time inside the Dragon Age II game box.

A flyer shows a from-space shot of what must be Earth with a huge N7 logo and the text "The Arrvial Has Begun". The flyer was explored front and back during an unboxing video on YouTube.

Last month's Arrival DLC leak came via a title update for Mass Effect 2 on PS3. Trophies for a new DLC pack called Arrival were spotted. One is awarded for rescuing a Dr. Amanda Kenson, who happened to be the subject of a separate Cerberus Network bulletin. The waffle boiled down to Kenson honing in on a civilization that existed millions of years ago.

The Reapers? That's what everyone thinks. Plus, that's what the Mass Effect 3 teaser video shows - giant Reapers ravaging Earth. Arrival? Reapers? Makes sense.

The Mass Effect 3 reveal.