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Mario Strikers online detailed

Two on two action, and how friends list works.

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Nintendo has shed more light on the online options available in Mario Strikers: Charged Football for Wii, which is due to launch here on 25th May.

Most excitingly, it will be possible for two players on a single Wii to play on the same team against two players on another Wii connected to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection network. "So [we] could team up on our office Wii and play you and Kristan on your Eurogamer Wii," a Nintendo UK spokesperson explained.

The game will use the usual Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection "Friend code" system, and will also offer random matches. These will be region-locked though, so you won't ever be randomly paired with an opponent in Australia, for example.

However, you will be able to play against gamers in other regions if you have their friend code, meaning that there won't be anything to stop you smacking the Aussies around when the game arrives on 25th May if you already know them. The game launches in PAL regions first though, so don't get your hopes up about the Yanks just yet.

For more on Mario Strikers: Charged Football, be sure to flick through our detailed PAL release date announcement story from earlier in the week. And Nintendo? We'll see you online on the 25th.

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