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Mario Party 8 slips

Blames footwear.

Nintendo has spread word that Mario Party 8 won't be out this Friday as planned.

Instead, production issues with the English version have pushed the family-orientated game back to 13th July in the UK.

Mario Party 8 is a game to break out with friends and family. It's based around a virtual board where each square represents a new mini-game challenge. These range from tightrope races to cake-decoration contests, all making use of the wacky motion-sensing charm of the Wii.

If you tire of the relentless dice rolling, you can always just tackle the mini-games in a separate mode, or face the computer in Star Battle Arena. There's an Extras Zone and Fun Bazaar to explore, too.

The most recent Mario Party game to appear was a rather dismal GameCube affair. We've got our fingers crossed that the Wiimote can inject a lively dose of fun into the mix.

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