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Mario Party 8 in June

Peach is going.

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Nintendo has confirmed that Mario Party 8 will be disco-dancing onto European shelves on 22nd June.

It's a virtual board game that you can play against up to three friends, all on one Wii, or online. Perfect for the whole family, you might say.

You roll the dice to progress one of your favourite Mario characters around the board, landing on various squares each with their own mini-games. These range from snowboard races to tightrope races, and from cake-decoration contests to rowing races. Multiply all that by a motion-sensing controller and some precariously placed cups of coffee and you've got ensuing hilarity.

The main game mode has the wonderful name of Party Tent, but you can also do away with the rigmarole of rolling the dice and just battle it out in the Mini-game Tent. There's also the chance to battle the computer in Star Battle Arena, as well as more variety from Extras Zone and Fun Bazaar.

Lets hope it's better than the last effort on the GameCube.

Head over to our Mario Party 8 gallery for an eyeful of the action.

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