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Manhunt 2 OK for Holland

Lets adults make own choice.

Rockstar's controversial Manhunt 2 has been given the go ahead for release in Holland.

The Dutch Ministry refused to get in its way, stating to Parliament that would break the regional law which considers adults capable of making their own decisions.

It is still illegal for youngsters under 16 to buy it, though - they have to rely on responsible parenting and advice from the games industry until they reach adulthood.

The discussion ended with Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin calling for a unified EU ratings system, and revealing that the ministry was looking into new laws to protect younger audiences.

It follows news that Manhunt 2 had been given the thumbs-up in the US, awarded a Mature rating thanks to a re-submitted version of the game by Rockstar.

Manhunt 2 was effectively banned here after the BBFC ruled it unfit for sale. Rockstar has since pleaded its case, but the outcome remained the same.

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