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Man tries to finish MW2 without killing

Multiplayer feat already well underway.

A hardcore Modern Warfare 2 fan is attempting to level up to rank 70 in multiplayer without killing a single enemy player.

"I've already hit Prestige five times. I thought it would be something interesting to do," Glen McCracken told Game Informer.

When he began, McCracken was using a riot shield and flash bang grenades but he's since stopped using the special grenades because they're "too risky". I.e. he might accidentally kill someone who's low on life.

Playing as Mr_No_Kills on PlayStation Network, McCracken had reached level 11, dying 272 times but killing no one, by late last night. Apparently he reckons it will take two months to complete his task.

And to think, some of us couldn't even be bothered to finish the stupid favela level in the single-player campaign. Couldn't. See. Anyone.