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Man appears to play Doom in Porsche 911 using driving controls

Shotgun! Toaster!

Wow aren't cars fancy today. The things they can (almost) do - like play the original Doom on their little computer screens. Not that you would play: you'd be driving. You can't drive and play Doom - can you?

Introducing Matt Swarthout and a Porsche 911, and a toaster - don't forget the suspicious toaster - via Gizmodo. Matt Swarthout claims to have worked out how to, in three easy steps, install and play Doom in his car, mapping the controls to the same controls he'll be using for driving.

To move forwards in Doom he'll drive forwards in real life; to turn left and right in Doom he'll turn the steering wheel left and right; to change weapon he'll change gear; and to shoot he'll honk the horn - my personal favourite.

What can possibly go wrong?

Yes, probably not real.Watch on YouTube

Of course it probably isn't real. Two years ago Matt Swarthout filmed a tutorial about how to modify any toaster to control PC games, and by the end of the video he's hammering the bread-down sliders of three separate toasters as if he were playing whack-a-mole. The same toaster, indeed, can be seen in his Porsche video. A telltale sign?

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