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Make-A-Wish's The World Streams For the Wishes (FTW) global livestream fundraiser returns in April

"Help grant these life-changing wishes and raise awareness in the streaming community."

Make-A-Wish will run a second The World Streams For the Wishes (FTW) global livestream fundraiser later this year.

Streamers are invited to support critically-ill children by livestreaming on any platform, in any language, and at any time throughout April in order to grant wishes to children living with critical illnesses in over 50 countries around the world. Last year's inaugural event raised over £103,000 ($125K).

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The event has been sponsored by Bandai Namco Europe and the publisher's park management game, Park Beyond, along with SecretLab and Nanoleaf.

"We pride ourselves on being innovative and offering this community of fundraisers the chance to support a global charity that makes an impact around the world and in their own communities," explains Luciano Manzo, CEO of Make-A-Wish International.

"This will be the second year of our global event, and Bandai Namco Europe’s support and investment in our mission will help grant these life-changing wishes and raise awareness in the streaming community that we are here and ready to partner with them as a charity of choice."

"At Bandai Namco, we aim at delivering fun for all, so supporting Make-a-Wish International’s livestream fundraiser was only a matter of time," added Arnaud Muller, CEO at Bandai Namco Europe. "We strive to make seemingly impossible wishes possible in the future!"

"Make-A-Wish has granted over 550,000 wishes to critically ill children around the world. Wishes bring joy and happiness to a child undergoing medical treatment and help improve their mental and physical health," the charity explains.

"Join content creators around the world and raise funds to grant a wish! With wishes being granted in 50 countries, you have the power to touch the life of a child close to home."

If you'd like to give your time to help raise funds, head on over to the event page.

For more about Make-A-Wish's incredible work, please read Bertie's wonderful – if heartbreaking – feature, The priceless work of Make-A-Wish, and the potential of games.