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Mafia II and Red Dead both delayed

Between November and end of April.

Take-Two has said that both Mafia II and Red Dead Redemption will be released in the first half of its next fiscal year, a period covering 1st November 2009 until 30th April 2010.

This is "to allow additional development time for the titles and to maximise their full potential in terms of the quality of the player experience and market performance", according to the publisher's statement.

Mafia II from Illusion Softworks and Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar San Diego were among Take-Two's more ambitious prospects for 2009, promising respective new takes on gangland and western open-world concepts.

Oh well, at least they've got BioShock 2 and The Ballad of Gay Tony to see them through.

Check out our recent Mafia II preview and Red Dead Redemption trailer for more. Look out for a preview of the latter this week.