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Mad Max game "a couple of years" off

Director says games no longer "poor cousin".

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George Miller, the Australian film director of the Mad Max series and that one with the talking pig, has revealed that the Mad Max game he's working on with God of War II director Cory Barlog is around two years from completion.

Speaking to MTV, Miller said: "I’ve got a couple of years left. We're in the early stages writing and designing. A really good game you need two and half years."

Miller said he'd been impressed with the growing maturity of games as a storytelling medium.

"Games were the poor cousin to feature films when it came to storytelling but I think it’s flipping. Games allow you be much more like a novelist," the director and screenwriter said.

On the exact nature of the game, Miller was elusive. "It's a hybrid game. I'm really interested in both the gameplay but the actual emotional engagement. I'm curious how much you can engage with the characters through the gameplay," he said.

"A live action storyteller who understands story can do a lot to influence the evolution of games," he finished.

Miller's also working on an animated Mad Max film to be released around the same time as the game.

No word of versions, development studio or publishing partners for the game yet. Stay tuned.

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