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M&M: Clash of Heroes DLC on PSN today

I Am The Boss expansion arrives.

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Tactical role-player Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes gets new add-on I Am The Boss on PlayStation Network today, priced £2.39.

An Xbox Live Arcade version is also on the cards.

PC players get the expansion tomorrow, alongside the game's launch. On Steam at least, the DLC is free.

I Am The Boss allows gamers to play as one of Clash of Heroes' four main foes in Quick Battle or Online Multiplayer modes.

The boss characters are (spoilers!) Azexes, cake-flinging Count Carlyle, Lordess Ludmilla and Ash Rafir. Each has its own special attacks and strategies to master.

Clash of Heroes originally launched on Nintendo DS and features highly addictive unit-based battling.

HD versions for launched in April for PSN and XBLA and scored an excellent 9/10 from Eurogamer's Kristan Reed:

"With a depth and longevity that humbles most full-price releases - including five single-player campaigns and online multiplayer - Clash Of Heroes HD demands your immediate and undivided attention, he wrote.

I Am A Boss.

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