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LOTRO opens doors

Pre-orders can hobbitat world.

Those of you who pre-ordered The Lord of The Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar can now enrol on the live game servers.

It's part of the exclusive 10-day head start that "Founders" are rewarded with, giving them the edge over normal customers who roll in on 24th April.

Founders can also enjoy an in-game item in the shape of a Wayfarer's Cloak, some Lord of the Rings Online stickers, and a choice of a lifetime subscription offer for GBP 99.99, or a six-month subscription costing GBP 35.94 - which works out at about GBP 5.99 a month.

Lord of The Rings Online is an MMO created by Turbine Entertainment, which takes place in Tolkien's well-known world of Middle-Earth. But although you'll be able to bump into "Mr Frodo sir" and his merry band at various points in their journey, the main focus of this adventure is elsewhere. You see, that pesky Witch King is creating an evil army in Angmar, so you and your fantasy chums will have to deal with that. There's no time to dally with Baggins and old big nose.

We recently delved into the beta test and found it to be hugely promising but still in need of a little polish. Head over to our Lord of The Rings Online preview for more information.