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Lost Planet 2 brought forward a week

Limited-access MP demo next week.

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Capcom has announced plans to release a limited-access multiplayer demo of Lost Planet 2 next week and brought the game's release date forward a week to 11th May on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The demo will be available on PSN and Xbox Live but initially it will only be accessible to people who have a redeemable code distributed through the Lost Planet 2 website and other media outlets. Xbox 360 codes will work on 31st March and PS3 ones will work on 1st April, Capcom has said.

Eurogamer will have a number of keys for both PSN and Xbox Live next week, so stop by then and we may be able to sort you out. The demo will be made available to everyone on 21st and 22nd April for Xbox Live and PSN respectively.

As for what's in it, you get to enjoy 16-player battles on the "Turbulent Jungle" map from the online versus mode, along with full voice chat and result stats support "so players can establish bragging rights".

What's more, players who download and play the demo will get access to the special Machine Gun SP, which fires three-round bursts, when they purchase the full game.

Lost Planet 2 is also due out for PC in autumn.

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