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Lost Planet 2 on top in Japan

Helps PS3 be best-selling console.

Lost Planet 2 has topped the Japan chart on PS3, shifting 85,000 units in a week.

That performance helped Sony's flagship console outsell Wii by 19,075 units to 18,456, according to Media Create.

Even the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2 performed well, taking fifth place with 35,000 units sold. The game's similarities to Monster Hunter - co-op teamwork against massive beasts - appear to have paid off.

This week's other big performer was World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010: Challenge of the Blue Samurai. In other words, A World Cup edition of PES licensed by the Japanese Football Association to focus squarely on the Japanese national team.

The PS3 version of this game was second with 57,000 sales; PSP sixth with 21,000 sales; PS2 ninth with 14,000 sales; and Wii 15th (sales not mentioned). There's no sign of an Xbox 360 version.

The final new entry of the top 10 was PSP game Fullmetal Alchemist in seventh.

The places in between were coloured by Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 in second (62,000), Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in fourth 34,000, New Super Mario Bros. Wii in eighth (18,000) and Friend Collection in 10th (14,000).

Further down, newcomer Tropico 3 can be seen in 27th on Xbox 360.

Overall, the DS counted eight entries in the top 30, the PSP seven, PS3 six, Wii five, Xbox 360 three and PS2 one. That's a much more even spread than, say, two years ago.

Nintedo's DS still dominates the region, however, notching up 26,145 sales across the various models. PSP was second with 23, 313 sales.

Then came PS3 and Wii and finally Xbox 360 (4656) and PS2 (1175).

And that's all the weather.