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Lord of the Rings MMO dated

Plus UK pre-order details.

The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar is set to launch across Europe on 24th April, Codemasters said this morning.

The news comes hot on the heels of yesterday's "Founder's Program" announcement, with European pricing details now available: all those who pre-order at a special rate of GBP 99.99 will receive a "lifetime membership", rather than having to pay a subscription fee. Or, if you prefer to do it that way after all, you could pay just GBP 5.99 per month as part of a six-month package.

Choosing either of those pre-order routes into the game also nets you early access to the game (for ten whole days), as well as the ability to use that pre-launch character in the full game, and a unique in-game bonus item. You also get six Lord of the Rings Online stickers and a special window sticker. Woot.

"It's exciting to announce the release date for what is going to be one of the top PC releases of the year," said Codemasters Online Gaming's David Solari, who sounds a bit bored. "The Founder's Program offers gamers some amazing benefits when choosing how to start their adventure in this landmark title. April is going to be the month when everyone moves to Middle-earth!" Oh David - we're already there.

Head over to the LOTRO Europe website for more pre-order details.