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LittleBigPlanet servers switched off

To "fix the glitching issues".

Uh-oh! Having turned them on yesterday, Media Molecule has had to turn off the LittleBigPlanet servers.

"Great gremlins and ghosts!" an update to the original post on the developer's website began.

"The servers are down while we try to fix the glitching issues some players have experienced. They will be back online as soon as we have fixed the problem. Keep your browsers pointed at this post for updates."

Fortunately, European gamers are spared these teething issues as the game won't be out here until next week following its recall. The game should be available at UK retail on 5th November.

Still, it's more unfortunate news for the British-made game, which despite glowing reviews (including our own), had to be withdrawn just before it went on sale due to a song with some potentially offensive bits in it.

Oh well, er, once it all works, it is amazing. We promise.

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