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LittleBigPlanet 2 Teacher Pack unveiled

Sackboy to hijack National Curriculum?

LittleBigPlanet 2 developer Media Molecule is readying a new Teacher Pack that it hopes will inspire schools to use its DIY platformer as a learning aid, publisher Sony has announced.

According to MCV, the pack will feature levels based around various National Curriculum topics made with input from educators. Also included will be a set of instructions for teachers on how to play them.

Students will then be able to try out these specially constructed stages using the PlayStation Move controller, hopefully learning a few things in the process.

"The pack will be a really useful way of starting to track and develop interest and involvement in games-based learning," explained SCEE senior VP Ray Maguire.

"We hope that Media Molecule will have this created by the start of the summer term in May."

The move is part of a wider Sony initiative to get its PlayStation 3 console in schools. It's also running PlayStation Move courses for teachers, showing how the controller can be used in maths classes to track the distance objects are thrown and calculate their speed.

Maguire also noted how many schools were already using PSPs for PowerPoint presentations and as video recorders.

"Consoles don't just play games – they are sophisticated media players," he insisted.

"There is no reason why you can't play open standard educational content such as videos, audio and web-based lessons through a games console like the PlayStation 3. And it is not just video games. It is richer content too – including video, Flash and audio.

"I think there is a great case for a national Digital Curriculum to complement the existing Curriculum."