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Lightning Returns: FF13 – Yusnaan side quests, restaurant locations, Desert Flames, Desmond fight

Some of Yusnaan's side quests can only be completed at certain points in the story. Don't miss a single one with our walkthrough for the region.

Just like Luxerion, the city of Yusnaan has its own collection of exploration and combat side quests for you to get stuck into. As usual, the rewards for taking part in these diversions range from essential stat enhancements, to critical equipment for your inventory, and sillier cosmetic rewards.

If you're looking to clean up on all of the side quests, just be aware that a certain number of them can only be completed during a specific section of the main quest. Miss out on these while you're blasting through the core storyline, and you'll need to embark on another playthrough to experience them all.

Yusnaan side quest walkthrough

A Testing Proposition

Difficulty:3 Stars
Begins:Alchemist Velno
Location:To the west of the Slaughterhouse
Rewards:3,500 Gil, Scholar's Mortarboard, Nektar of the Gods, Max HP +120, Strength +8, Magic +12

Before heading out to pick up this quest, you'll need to make sure you have at least one spare Recovery Item slot, as Velno's going to be asking you to test out a special vial of Nektar. Once you've spoken to the alchemist, you'll need to obtain a status ailment through fighting a monster, then use the Nektar to cure yourself of the sickness.

When you go back to Velno to report on your progress, you'll be given another vial which you should apply after you've been poisoned in a fight (the Dead Dunes Goblots are good for this). Again, speak to Velno when you've fixed yourself up to obtain a replacement. You'll need to use the next remedy when you've been been afflicted with three battle ailments. Once suitably diseased, go back to Alchemist Velno to receive the Nektar of the Gods. Use it during a Slaughterhouse battle, then go back to Velno once more to finally complete the quest.

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Adoring Adornments

Difficulty:3 Stars
Location:The western half of the Augur's Quarter
Available:Between the hours of 7am and 3pm
Rewards:5,000 Gil, Carnival Mask, Max HP +140, Strength +8, Magic +12

Whenever you find yourself with spare adornments that you've received from quests or from shopping sprees, head over to see Candice. You'll have to hand them over to her in increasing amounts, but once you've visited her with a minimum of 55 adornments in your backpack, you'll be able to finish the quest and collect your rewards.

Adoring Candace

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:By the inn that's north of the Augur's Quarter
Available:Between the hours of 7pm and 3am
Prerequisite:Must have finished Adoring Adornments side quest and 2-3 of the main quest
Rewards:1,400 Gil, Heart Glasses, Onion Knight's Helm, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Once you've spoken to Tomesso and begun the quest, you'll need to pop along and visit the new merchant who's based just to the east of the Sorcery Shop. You'll only be able to do this between the hours of 3pm and 5pm, and you'll need to have 4,000 Gil in the kitty to be able to buy the Gift Glasses. Once you've got them though, you can head back to Tomesso and hand in the quest.

Death Game

Difficulty:3 Stars
Location:Outside the Warehouse District's northern entrance
Prerequisite:Must have finished Death Safari side quest (see below)
Rewards:3,800 Gil, Emergency Beacon, Dragoon outfit, Max HP +120, Strength +12, Magic +6

Be ready for combat when you accept this quest from Biggs. Once it begins, you'll be locked inside the Warehouse District, and you'll have to battle through 30 - thankfully low level - enemies without any way of stocking up on Recovery Items. Make sure you've got all the potions you could possible need for this section, and equip any health restoring gear or abilities you have before starting. You've only got a few game hours to complete the quest within too, so make use of your Chronostasis spell if you need to stretch time out just a little longer.

Death Safari

Difficulty:2 Stars
Begins:Suspicious Gatekeeper
Location:By the Industrial Area gate
Prerequisite:Must have finished 2-1 of the main quest
Rewards:1,200 Gil, Dark Devil Ears, Dazzling Devil Ears, Pure Angel Ears, Cautious Devil Ears, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

This quest tasks you with killing 30 Niblets. If you've done a fair few side quests in this and the previous chapter, you should be packing a pretty mean punch by now. If you have any area-of-effect abilities, now's the time to bring them into play so you can smash through this quest nice and quickly. Once you've finished your killing spree, go back to the Suspicious Gatekeeper to get your rewards.

If you're determined to finish off every quest in one attempt, pay attention to some of the prerequisites for participating in these side quests.

Family Food

Difficulty:2 Stars
Begins:Seedy's Owner
Location:Lower left of Glutton's Quarter
Rewards:1,500 Gil, Chef's Hat, Max HP +120, Strength +8, Magic +4

One for the gluttons, this side quest tasks you with sampling some of the finest flavours available in the region. Once you've tasted the food offered up by Seedy's Owner, you'll need to visit the restaurant at the top of the stairs located in the eastern side of Glutton's Quarter. Now speak to Gordon Gourmet who's seated inside and have a chat with him.

Here's where the marathon begins. You need to visit and eat at all six restaurants located in Glutton's Quarter. Start by talking to the Maitre D' who's located at the entrance to the restaurant you're in, then go downstairs to grab a bite to eat at Terrace Cafe. Don't waste money unnecessarily here - always buy the cheapest thing on the menu as every morsel counts towards your total.

Make your way towards the Veggie Parlor for a quick snack, then go directly to the nearby Fishy Flavors. Once you've eaten here, visit the Meat Grill, and then veer right around the corner to take in Stand 'n Sip. Now go back to the restaurant you started in and speak with Gordon Gourmet. He'll give you a new challenge: defeat the great cat Schrodinger.

It's not a difficult fight, and once he's beaten you'll receive the Civet Musk needed for the quest. Go back to Gordon once again, give him the Civet Musk, and he'll give you his special recipe in return. Go back to Seedy's Owner, who'll give you another item to take back to Gordon. Once this last bit of running around is over, your quest is done.

Fireworks For A Steal

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:Lower left of Glutton's Quarter
Available:Between the hours of 7pm and 3am
Prerequisite:Only available while on 2-2 of the main quest
Rewards:1,300 Gil, Vanguard Headdress, Fireworks, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

As soon as you've picked up the quest, go to the corridor that runs between the Champion's and the Glutton's Quarter. When you get there, you'll find yourself facing an opponent who drops the five fireworks you need when defeated. Go back and give the fireworks to Funicula, who'll then lead you to the rear of the shop. Talk to him again when he's stopped, and you'll be able to complete the quest.

Fireworks In A Bottle

Difficulty:1 Star
Begins:Drunk Pyrotechnician
Location:Central Avenue
Available:Between the hours of 7pm and 12am
Prerequisite:Only available while on 2-2 of the main quest
Rewards:300 Gil, Ceremonial Headdress, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4

The first thing to be aware of in this quest is that you have a very limited window of opportunity to complete it in, and you must accept the quest and turn it in during the same game night. You need 1,000 Gil to complete the quest too. Go up the red-carpet stairs to visit the Maitre D', hand over your money, then go back to the Drunk Pyrotechnician to complete the quest and collect your reward.

Free Will

Difficulty:3 Stars
Begins:Diviner I
Location:The south-east section of the Reveler's Quarter
Rewards:4,500 Gil, Summoner's Mask, Blue Mage outfit, Max HP +140, Strength +8, Magic + 12

After you pick up the quest from the Divine I, you'll have to speak to him again the next day between 6am and 6pm. Once you've done this, you'll have to go and collect a trio of Desert Flame items spread around the region. Here's where you can find each one.

  • In the underground path just north of the Reveler's Quarter.
  • From a merchant located outside the railways station. If you're feeling flush or - let's be honest - lazy, you can actually get three Desert Flames from this vendor for the price of 2,000 Gil each.
  • From the smashable containers located by the Elegant Gentleman at Augur's Quarters inn.

Once you've gathered all the Desert Flames you need, you'll then have to bring your tally of dead Niblets to 120. Fortunately this total includes any Niblets you've taken out up to this point. Once you've finished this epic slaughter-fest, hand the quest in and get your goodies.

Friends Forever

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:Above the entrance to the Augur's Quarters
Available:Between the hours of 11am and 3am
Prerequisite:Must have finished 2-3 of the main quest
Rewards:1,800 Gil, Chocoberet, Chocobo Figurine, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +10

Once you've grabbed this quest from Primrose, you'll have to go and locate half a dozen Chocobo chicks. Once you've investigated all six of them at the following locations, go back to Primrose to turn the quest in.

  • To the west of the railway station.
  • In a stall by the fireworks merchant towards the north of Central Avenue.
  • By the Cactuar statue in Central Avenue.
  • On a table in Glutton's Quarter.
  • By the west side of the Garden of Heroes, by a guard.
  • Central Augur's Quarter near the person repairing a statue.

Last Date

Difficulty:1 Star
Location:The red carpeted stairs next to the station
Available:Between the hours of 11am and 6:58pm
Prerequisite:Must have finished 2-3 of the main quest
Rewards:500 Gil, Crystal Heart, Max HP +50, Strength +3, Magic +5

As soon as you've accepted this quest, throw on your Midnight Mauve outfit, and then go and see Lennet in the restaurant at the top of the red stairs. Just make sure you finish this quest up quickly - if you leave it in your quest log for more than three days after accepting it, you'll automatically fail it.

Not so interested in the more cosmetic rewards? A glance through this side quest round-up should help you sort the essential quests from the not-so-essential.

Play It For Me

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:Central Avenue
Available:Between the hours of 11am and 7pm
Rewards:1,500 Gil, Crown of Youth, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

In order to complete this quest, you'll need to use the Musical Sphere Treasure Key to unlock three item spheres located around the area. Here's where you'll find all three of them:

  • The dead-end area to the west of the station.
  • Above a ladder near to the Cactuar Statue in the centre of town.
  • To the east of the Slaughterhouse, behind a fenced-off section.

You'll need to access the contents of each item sphere, then go back to Morris to get your rewards.

Songless Diva

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:Fountain Square
Available:Between the hours of 11am and 7pm
Rewards:1,400 Gil, Queen's Mask, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6

Be ready to act soon after you've accepted this quest. Once you've done so, a man in purple called Berdy will flee the area, and you'll need to catch up with him. After you've spoken to him, go to the eastern gate of the Industrial Area and fight off the Gremlins that appear. When they're dealt with, you'll get your hands on a Music Satchel which needs to be returned to Berdy.

Stolen Things

Difficulty:1 Star
Location:Around Central Avenue
Available:Between the hours of 12pm and 4am
Rewards:400 Gil, Formal Silk Hat, Max HP +50, Strength +2, Magic +4

Accepting this quest grants you an item called Father's Letter. Head to the Reveler's Quarter and approach Pickett, who'll then run off with the quest item. Catch up with him to hear what he has to say, and then return to Gregory to hand in the quest and get your goodies.

Tanbam's Taboo

Difficulty:3 Stars
Location:To the east of the Slaughterhouse
Available:Between the hours of 7pm and 3am
Prerequisite:Must have finished 2-3 of the main quest
Rewards:4,200 Gil, Nickel Gear, Crystal Medal, Max HP +140, Strength +12, Magic +8

After picking this quest you'll enter into a fight against Desmond. It really shouldn't trouble you at all at this stage of the game, but do make sure you guard as cleanly as possible against his Rush attacks which will come at you thick and fast. Get him on the defensive by using Thunder class spells or physical damage to Stagger him. Once you've taken him out, hand the quest in and move on to the next task.

The Fighting Actress

Difficulty:2 Stars
Begins:Slaughterhouse Zoe
Location:At the Slaughterhouse
Available:Between the hours of 7pm and 3am
Prerequisite:Only available while on 2-2 of the main quest
Rewards:1,500 Gil, Crown of Splendor, Crystal Medal, Midnight Mauve outfit, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6

This combat-heavy quest won't offer up too many surprises, although it's worth checking you're nicely stocked up on Recovery Items - just in case . You'll need to face off against three waves of enemies: Gremlins, the Anubys and then the Zaltys in the Slaughterhouse Arena. Nothing you haven't handled before, and a pretty decent set of rewards for your stash too.

You can find the rest of our Lightning Returns main quest walkthrough from the first page of this guide.

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