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Lightning Returns: FF13 – Yusnaan Canvas of Prayers, Clear Ooze, Firewyrm Scales, enemy locations

There are lots of fun rewards to be earned from the Canvas of Prayers quests in Yusnaan. We've got an essential guide to completing all of them.

Yusnaan also has its fair share of fun Canvas of Prayers quests. Just like the ones in Luxerion, these quests aren't the most profitable in the game, but they are good for giving your stats a vital upwards shove - and you can get your hands on some fun cosmetic items by working through them too.

Here's a breakdown of all the Canvas of Prayers content you can find in the region, along with some helpful tips for tracking down the quest items you'll need. Quests are listed in alphabetical order to help you polish off the ones in your log.

Yusnaan Canvas of Prayers walkthrough

A Dangerous Cocktail

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Black Market Nej
Items:4 x Clear Ooze
Available:Day 3
Rewards:200 Gil, Caution Beacon, Max HP +10, Magic +1

If you've not yet encountered a Flanitor, be aware that they have some annoying healing powers - still, they're the only way to get your hands on the Clear Ooze you need for completing this quest. Get this one in your quest log and then go about your business, as you'll come across plenty of these enemies during your adventures in Yusnaan.

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A Man For A Chocobo Girl

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Love-struck Darg
Items:1 x Chocobo Girl's Phone No.
Prerequisite:Must have begun 2-2 of the main quest
Rewards:400 Gil, Afro & Red Chick, Afro & Blue Chick, Max HP +10, Magic +1

You'll need to investigate the poster on the western wall of the back alley just south of the Reveler's Quarter to get the quest item. Once you've got it, head back to Darg to spread a little love.

Beast Summoner

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Alchemist Naggle
Items:5 x Shattered Bone | 10 x Poisonous Sting
Available:Day 5
Prerequisite:Must have finished Soulful Horn and Source Of Inspiration (see below)
Rewards:600 Gil, Single Horn, Antler, Max HP +20, Magic +2

You'll need to hunt down two different enemies if you're to get your hands on the quest items needed for Beast Summoner. The Skata'ne can be found all over Yusnaan, so pick a fight whenever you see one until you've got the Shattered Bones you need. For the Poisonous Sting, you need to kill Anubys. You'll find these mainly in the palace, or you can head out into the Wildlands or the Dead Dunes if you fancy going further afield.


Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Architect Charkra
Items:5 x Statue Fragment
Prerequisite:Must have finished 2-3 of the main quest
Rewards:500 Gil, Bushy Mustache, Max HP +10, Strength +1

There's nothing too complicated about this quest. Simply hunt around the fallen statue in the Palace Garden and Augur's Quarter. You'll find all of the items you need just lying around on the ground.

Secret Machine

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Alchemist Monique
Items:3 x Ether Coil
Available:Day 1
Rewards:150 Gil, Silver Padlock, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Once you've got this quest in your log, continue going about you business in Yusnaan. The Ether Coils are dropped by Desdemona enemies, and you should encounter more than enough of them while pursuing the main quest. If you do need to finish off a few more, head over to the Industrial Area gate where you can usually find a handful of them.

Soulful Horn

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Artisan Saila
Items:10 x Poisonous Sting
Available:Day 2
Rewards:400 Gil, Bubbly Party Hat, Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Max HP +20, Magic +2

You're going to need to hunt the Anubys to get your hands on the Poisonous Stings. Head to the palace at any time to find your prey, or just keep an eye out for the enemy when you're running around Yusnaan between the hours of 4pm and 6pm.

Source Of Inspiration

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Ink Seller Norto
Items:3 x Shattered Bone
Available:Day 5
Rewards:180 Gil, Water Spirit Wings, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Shattered Bones drop from the Skata'ne enemies who can often be found bothering the locals here and there around Yusnaan. If you want to hunt them specifically, head over to the gate to the Industrial Area.

Plenty of cosmetic rewards await the committed Canvas of Prayers adventurer.

Spell For Spell

Difficulty:3 Stars
Client:Alchemist Zalton
Items:30 x Radial Bearing
Available:Day 7
Rewards:1,300 Gil, Light Bulb, Blue Guitar, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

You need rather a lot of those Radial Bearings to complete the quest, so head on over to the Industrial Area where you should find plenty of Hoplites to slaughter.

Time Doesn't Heal

Difficulty:2 Stars
Items:1 x Jade Hair Combo | 1 x Bronze Pocket Watch
Prerequisite:Must have finished 2-1 of the main quest and killed the Cyclops
Rewards:800 Gil, Sentimental Parasol, Mark of Lindzei, Max HP +20, Strength +2

You'll find the Bronze Pocket Watch by heading over to the Industrial Area. Approach the dead end found to the north of the region, then climb up the final ladder ahead of the Cargo Station. As for the Jade Hair Combo, you'll need to go to the gate about halfway along the Supply Line.

True Colors

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Artists Daia
Items:1 x Firewyrm Scale
Available:Day 5
Rewards:600 Gil, Lebreau's Black Tattoo, Lebreau's Green Tattoo, Max HP +10, Magic +2

The Firewyrm scale is dropped by the Zaltys. Head to the palace and have a good mooch around until you've found the fight you're after.

Ultimate Craving

Difficulty:3 Stars
Client:Alchemist Sildonius
Items:10 x Radial Bearing | 15 x Ether Coil | 30 x Clear Ooze
Prerequisite:Must have finished Secret Machine, A Dangerous Cocktail and Spell For Spell
Rewards:1,600 Gil, Wind-Up Halo, Red Propeller, Ether, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +5

Hunt down more Hoplite creatures to get your hands on the Radial Bearings, while Ether Coils can be looted from the corpses of Desdemona foes. Those annoying Flanitors are needed for stocking up on Clear Ooze. You can find the first two enemy types in the Industrial Area of Yusnaan, while Flanitors can be spotted here and there as you adventure within the region.

Unfired Firework

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Pyrotechnician Zod
Items:Unfired Firework Rockets
Available:Day 5
Prerequisite:Must have finished 2-3 of the main quest
Rewards:900 Gil, Twilight Shades, Stormy Motors Logo, Max HP +20, Magic +2

Assuming you've got three or more fireworks in your inventory, simply interact with any of the firework stands a few times. You'll eventually be granted the quest item you need.

What Seekers Seek

Difficulty:3 Stars
Client:Alchemist Ludero
Items:5 x Firewyrm Scale | 5 x Single Eye
Available:Day 7
Prerequisite:Must have finished Youth Potion and True Colors
Rewards:1,200 Gil, Prophetic Headdress, Saint's Beard, Max HP +30, Strength +4, Magic +2

Head to the palace to hunt down both of the enemies needed for this Canvas of Prayers quest. The Zaltys has the Firewyrm Scales you're after, while the Cyclops creatures will drop the Single Eyes.

Youth Potion

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Alchemist Mahto
Items:1 x Single Eye
Available:Day 7
Rewards:700 Gil, Lucky Clover, Festive Tree, Max HP + 20, Strength +2

You need only fight a single monster to get your hands on the quest item needed for Youth Potion. Not only that, you'll battle the Cyclops while playing through 2-1 of the main quest.

Head back to the first page of our Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 walkthrough for more guides to the game.

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