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Lightning Returns: FF13 – Luxerion boss fight guides, Zaltys fight, Zomok fight, Noel fight

We've got some simple tactics if you're struggling to beat Noel, Zomok, Zaltys, or any other other enemy in the Luxerion region of the game.

Each region of Lightning Returns is packed full of bosses great and small, but each one can be taken down if you've got the right know-how. Here's how to defeat every single significant enemy in the starting region of Luxerion.

Zaltys fight

The fight against the Zaltys creature is the first in which you'll be introduced to the Stagger mechanic. This vital combat technique allows you to use a specific damage type to inflict a dazed stance upon your opponent. Once that's triggered, you're able to inflict a serious amount of damage to the enemy without fear of retaliation.

The trick to inducing a Stagger against Zaltys is to use Lightning's Thunder and Blizzard spells in rapid succession. Once the beast is down, simply go at the creature with your deadliest abilities - just be ready for the beast to come back to life.

Different creatures are vulnerable to different types of damage, so this technique won't work against every boss. Once you've discovered an opponent's weakness, however, you'll be armed with a very powerful tool for putting them on the back foot.

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Zomok fight

You really shouldn't even look at this beast until you've made significant progress through the other sights and sounds of Luxerion. Assuming you've finished everything else off though, and picked up every last stat boost available to you, we'll help get you through this meaty early fight.

First things first, this creature's very vulnerable to physical attacks, not to mention any Thunder-based spells that Lightning can throw at her foe. Every spell, every ability, and every bit of equipment that boosts these two attack types will stand you in excellent steed for this fight.

Keep an eye out for the Heavenly Storm ability. It'll give your guarding skills a very early test, and you'll have to block a series of rapid assaults. You'll need to avoid any tail attacks that come your way too - the easiest way to do this is to simply move Lightning to the rear or to the sides of Zomok, so she's out of harm's way.

Noel fight

The key to emerging victorious from your first real boss fight in Lightning Returns is to make sure your guarding skills are in tip-top condition. If you can pull off a Perfect Guard every time, you're in a great position to dominate this fight.

"If you can pull off a Perfect Guard every time, you're in a great position to dominate this fight."

As well as avoiding his significant physical damage attacks, you should also be aware that he's packing some seriously strong Wind-based abilities. For this reason, you should make sure that as many of your defensive capabilities are geared towards this school of damage as possible.

As for your own offensive tactics, try and use as many abilities from the Thunder school as possible, as Noel is particularly weak to lightning damage. As a general tactic, then, protect from Wind damage and throw back at him with Thunder.

While this general approach to combat will serve you will in the fight against Noel, you need to be aware that combat takes place across two different phases. In the first, do your best to Stagger him, but keep a close eye out for when he starts his ATB Charge ability. Once that begins, Noel's able to come at you with a rapid chain of attacks that can really mess up your plan - again, guard to your best ability when this happens

The second phase of the fight begins when Noel reaches 50% of his health. The tactics remain largely the same, but just be aware that he hits much harder than he did in the first phase. If you managed to last this long though, and can stay focused on the job at hand, you should have no trouble finishing him off.

You can find walkthroughs for every Lightning Returns quest from the index page of this guide.

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