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Lightning Returns: FF13 - Yusnaan boss fights, Cyclops fight, Desmond fight, Snow fight

Don't miss our essential guide to beating Snow, Cyclops and all the other bosses you'll come across in the second chapter of Lightning Returns.

The boss fight centrepiece of the Yusnaan section of Lightning Returns is undoubtedly the showdown with Snow, but there are a couple of other meaty fights to get stuck into here as well. Here's our quick guide to the tactics you need to employ to emerge victorious - and unscathed.

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Cyclops fight

While the Cyclops doesn't really represent a fully-fledged boss fight, it does require just a little more concentration than the fights against the trash about town. After fighting Noel, you should be pretty good at guarding by now, and you'll want to Perfect Guard against as many of his swinging club attacks as you can.

As far as your equipment goes, make sure you take advantage of anything you've got that mitigates physical damage. There's no magic to worry about here, but you do want to make sure you're appropriately protected.

Snow tactics

The main boss of the Yusnaan section of the game likes to throw plenty of physical damage at you, so make sure you've equipped your mitigation gear accordingly. He'll also use a fair bit of Ice magic against you too, so try to allow for a little mitigation here too.

As for Snow's special abilities, the main one to watch out for is his Chaos Charge assault. When this begins, hit him as hard as you can, and hope you induce a Stagger against him. If you manage to trigger one, go at him with as many spell-based attacks as you can muster before the stance wears off.

If you didn't manage to stop him in his tracks, just be prepared for a massive attack when Chaos Charge has finished building up. Be ready to block the incoming damage, do everything you can to perform a Perfect Guard, and have some potions on standby so you can top up your health if necessary.

The fight continues in this fashion until Snow's health hits 50%, at which point he'll soak up more of your damage, and dish out a lot more of his own. Just stay focused on the usual tactics and you should see him off without too much trouble.

Defeating Desmond

You'll encounter Desmond during the side quest called Tanbam's Taboo. It's not a particularly challenging fight, but it's important that you guard effectively against his Rush attack. When it comes to your offensive approach, get him Staggered using spells from the Thunder class, or through the use of brute physical force.

Looking for help with the Final Day boss fights? Find the guides you need from the index page.

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