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Lightning Returns: FF13 – Global Canvas of Prayers, key locations, quest item locations

How to beat all of the global Canvas of Prayers quests in Lightning Returns. Don't miss out all the juicy rewards from these bonus adventures.

As you approach the conclusion of Lightning Returns, you'll find yourself able to access a dozen or so global Canvas of Prayer Quests. You'll want to take advantage of every combat boost you can get hold of for the final boss battles in the game, so get these stat boosts in the bank before tying up the last of the trilogy's loose ends.

Global Canvas of Prayers walkthrough

A Girl's Challenge

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Righteous Liv
Items:Proof of Courage
Prerequisite:Must have finished 1-5 of the main quest
Rewards:600 Gil, Silver Medal, Max HP +10, Magic +1

You can find the Proof of Courage quest item lying around on the floor, in the first available building in Luxerion's Holy District.

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Digging Mysteries

Difficulty:2 Star
Client:Archaeologist Davia
Items:Golden Scarab
Prerequisite:Must have started the Dead Dunes side quest What Rough Beast Slouches
Rewards:1,400 Gil, Gold Anchor, Adamantoise Shell, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Head to the Dead Dunes and have a good rummage around the upper floor of the Temple Ruins. You'll find the Golden Scarab you need here.

Fading Prayer

Difficulty:1 Star
Items:Old-Fashioned Photo Frame
Prerequisite:Must have finished the Wildlands side quest Saving An Angel
Rewards:800 Gil, Crystal Star, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Head to the Wildlands and travel south of the Research Camp until you come across an item sphere. Open it up, and you should find the Old-Fashioned Photo Frame inside.

Forbidden Tome

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Alchemist Matheux
Items:Etro's Forbidden Tome
Prerequisite:Must have finished 3-3 of the main quest
Rewards:1,200 Gil, Silver Chocobo Chick, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Make your way to the Wildlands region of the game, then head to the northern section of Poltae. Here, you'll find the Forbidden Tome quest item just in front of a doorway.

Key To Her Heart

Difficulty:1 Star
Items:Beloved's Gift
Prerequisite:Must have finished 5-2 of the main quest
Rewards:1,000 Gil, Chocobo Girl's Cap, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Hit the highway to the south-west of Aryas Village to find the item sphere containing the Beloved's Gift quest item.

Roadworks I

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Manager Dent
Items:Proof of Unlocking the Light Gate | Proof of Unlocking the Green Gate
Available:Day 9
Rewards:800 Gil, Ul'dahn Blade, Ul'dahn Crest, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Find the highway that connects the Wildlands with Luxerion, then examine the gates that lie at either end of it. Once you've investigated both gates, you should have the items you need for handing the quest in.

Roadworks II

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Works Manager Ford
Items:Key to the Green Gate | Key to the Sand Gate
Available:Day 9
Rewards:1,200 Gil, Gridanian Sword, Gridanian Sigil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

For the second part of the quest, you need to first go south of Aryas Village to find an item sphere containing the Key to the Green Gate. Next, travel to the Oasis Lighthouse in the Dead Dunes region to find the Key to the Sand Gate.

Roadworks III

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Works Manager Zaphod
Items:Oath of the Merchant's Guild | Bandit's Bloodseal
Available:Day 9
Rewards:1,200 Gil, Lominsan Cutlass, Lominsan Escutcheon, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

The concluding part of the Roadworks side quest begins in the underground tunnel that passes between the Warehouse District and the Reveler's Quarter in Yusnaan. It's here that you'll find the Oath of the Merchant's Guild.

Go and explore around the Grave Of The Colossi shrine in the Dead Dunes to find the item sphere that contains the Bandit's Bloodseal.

Seeing The Dawn

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Young Padd
Items:Lapis Lazuli
Prerequisite:Must have finished the Yusnaan side quest A Man For A Chocobo Girl
Rewards:700 Gil, Urban Shades, Max HP +10, Magic +1

The quest item for Seeing The Dawn can only be found between the hours of 7pm and 4am. Go to the inn located in the Reveler's Quarter of Yusnaan to find the item sphere it's hidden in.

Shoot For The Sky

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:An Engineer
Items:Broken Gyroscope
Available:Day 2
Rewards:1,300 Gil, Gold Windup Key, Afro, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

After you've finished 3-2 of the main quest, you'll be in possession of a gliding chocobo. Thanks to your new feathered friend's flying ability, you should find it an easy task to get hold of the item sphere that contains the Broken Gyroscope. It can be found in the Crash Site that's located at the northern section of the Wildlands' Eremite Plains.

Staying Sharp

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Blacksmith Dray
Items:Power Booster
Prerequisite:Must have finished the Yusnaan side quest Death Safari
Rewards:800 Gil, Silver Windup Key, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Go to the Industrial Area of Yusnaan to pick up the Power Booster - you'll find it just before you reach the upper part of the area. Note, however, that it will only appear between the hours of 11am and 4pm.

What's Left Behind

Difficulty:1 Star
Items:Violet Amulet
Prerequisite:Must have finished 1-5 of the main quest
Rewards:800 Gil, Purple Flower, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Open the item sphere that's just to the south of the Luxerion Clock Tower to get the Violet Amulet quest item.

Where Moogles Be

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Dreaming Nonnoh
Items:Moogle Dust
Prerequisite:Must have finished the Wildlands side quest Saving An Angel
Rewards:1,000 Gil, Nymph Wings, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

The Moogle Dust you need for this quest can be looted from an item sphere in Moogle Village. Just be aware that you can only access it between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

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