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Life is Strange dev's new game is moody small-town mystery thriller Twin Mirror

Coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 next year.

Life is Strange and Vampyr developer Dontnod has revealed its latest game, Twin Mirror - an atmospheric small-town mystery thriller, coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.

According to its announcement post, Twin Mirror deals with "heartbreak, homecoming, and the perpetual struggle of adulthood", and it looks, based on its reveal trailer at least, like the moody offspring of Life is Strange and Alan Wake.

It begins as protagonist Sam, still feeling the effects of a bad break-up, returns to his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia, to attend his best friend's funeral. Unfortunately, bitter interactions with his former friends don't help improve the mood.

Cover image for YouTube videoTwin Mirror - E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

It doesn't take long for things to unravel even further, however, when Sam wakes up, with no recollection of the previous night, to discover his shirt covered in blood. That's the starting point for an investigation that spans the whole of Basswood, "where your memories, choices, and relationships will determine Sam's complicated fate".

Twin Mirror's mysteries lead to "a dark and emotional adventure where the line between truth and deception is blurred". Here, "truth, duality, and polarity will all become factors, as players dictate their future through personal choices". None of that sheds much light on the ghostly figures and surreal dreamscapes that permeate Twin Mirror's atmospheric trailer, however.

Twin Mirror will be published by Bandai Namco when it launches next year.