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Life is Strange developer "can't imagine" going back to episodic model

Scene in the cold light of day.

The Life is Strange series will not return to its original episodic model, developer Deck Nine has suggested.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, senior narrative designer Philip Lawrence said the decision to launch last year's entry True Colors as a complete experience was "the right decision", and one the studio wanted to stick with.

"I can't imagine we'd go back to the episodic model," Lawrence said. "The reaction has been very positive."

Eurogamer's Life is Strange: True Colors video review.Watch on YouTube

True Colors is still divided into five episode-like chapters, but arrived in 2021 as a single package - the first game in the series to do so.

"I think we were careful to keep that episodic structure, because that does seem to appeal to players. That's all part of the DNA of Life is Strange," Lawrence continued.

"If players want to step back, reflect and have those watercooler moments with the community, they can. But for those who would be frustrated by the episodic release pattern, we save them from those frustrations.

"As you can imagine, it was a decision that was talked about and agonised over quite a bit, but I think on reflection it was the right decision."

Deck Nine is yet to discuss its future plans for the Life is Strange series following its well-recieved spin-off Before the Storm in 2017 and work on the franchise's Remastered Collection this year.

But the Colorado-based company is believed to now be leading development on the franchise, following the departure of the original team at Dontnod in Paris, which split off to form a new sub-studio in Montreal.

Deck Nine is also co-developing The Expanse: A Telltale Series, a prequel to the popular sci-fi show.

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