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Lego Worlds adds creative sandbox mode

Another brick in the wall.

Lego Worlds' first big update is for a sandbox-style creative mode.

It's a big addition for the sandbox game - and one you could argue probably should have been in the game already.

The mode lets you choose map sizes, biomes and objects to fill your Lego world - there's no need to rely on the randomness of map seeds, like in Minecraft. The game's handy editing tools then allow you to copy/paste brick builds and edit clumps of bricks in large quantities.

Here's a video look:

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"This mode will skip the Lego Worlds' tutorial worlds," developer TT Games explained, "so new players will want to try Adventure Mode first in order to fully understand the tools - and some of the rarest, harder to find creatures are locked until they're found in Adventure Mode."

The update also preps the game for more additions in the future from Lego's Nexo Knight and City Emergency themes.

Lego Worlds is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a version for Switch in the pipeline.

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