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Leaked Battlefront III footage emerges

As Rebellion takes creative control.

Footage supposedly showing an alpha build of Battlefront III in action has leaked onto the internet.

The very shaky YouTube clip displays all manner of troops sprinting through and causing mayhem in forests, space stations and futuristic Star Wars cities. Stormtroopers and other Imperial troops are present, as are all the necessary Rebel counterparts plus various wacky droids.

Being Battlefront, there's also the chance to become one of the key characters from the Star Wars series. Han Solo fires his pistol uselessly at an AT-AT; Jar Jar Binks and his ears flap annoyingly; Darth Vader swats away laser fire and foes with wheeze; and an ewok appears to bite an Imperial trooper in the groin.

Vehicles form an integral part of the clip, too. The Millennium Falcon is flyable, as are X-Wings and Imperial craft. You can even hop on the back of a tauntaun - the dinosaur thing Luke Skywalker rides and then sleeps inside the carcass of on snowy planet Hoth.

Free Radical Design, creator of Haze, was thought to be working on the game for LucasArts, but entered administration last December.

Battlefront III, the unnamed project, is now believed to have been shipped off to British team Rebellion for completion on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Looked quite promising to us.