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LBP recall was "double-edged sword"

Mm co-founder admits it wasn't all bad.

Media Molecule may have been "shellshocked and gutted" when LittleBigPlanet had to be recalled to remove a reference to the Qur'an, but developer Alex Evans has said in hindsight there were some positives.

"The music thing was interesting, a double-edged sword," he told our sister site, GamesIndustry.biz, "because in the end it actually got us some coverage we might not otherwise have received.

"Also interesting, the reaction was positively received - it was only a minority of people who complained, and ironically Middle Eastern Gamer around that time gave us 10 out of 10 for soundtrack, which I'll always be very amused by...

"But the thing is, Sony reacted very responsibly, so I probably wouldn't do that differently - other than not license something wrong in the first place."

Singer Toumani Diabate, whose song prompted the recall, was evidently surprised at the decision to edit out words from the Qur'an when quizzed about it last October, but the decision was also widely praised - former Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison among others.