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Latest Lara removed from Steam Europe

Eidos yet to explain why.

The PC version of Tomb Raider Anniversary is no longer available to European users of Valve's digital download service, Steam, GamesIndustry.biz reports - with Eidos yet to explain why it has been withdrawn.

US consumers can still buy TRA for USD 29.99 (GBP 15) via Steam, and the game is prominently advertised on SteamPowered.com. However, at the final stage of the purchasing process European users receive the message, "Sorry, but Tomb Raider: Anniversary (ROW) is not available for purchase in this country. Your purchase has been cancelled."

It is still possible to buy TRA as a digital download by visiting official site TombRaider.com or the Eidos Interactive website. From there, buyers are taken to a payment page on a site owned by online distributor Bluefish Media, where they can purchase the game for GBP 29.99.

Bluefish was purchased by Eidos in March in a deal worth EUR 3 million.

Eidos has yet to respond to requests for comment.