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Lara 360 in shops next week

And on Live in November.

Eidos has said that the Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary will be in European shops next Friday.

But, if you don't want to move, then you can wait until November when you will be able to download it from Xbox Live in two episodic instalments for a total of 2400 points (GBP 20 / EUR 28).

Each of these will have two chapters and the mansion level bundled in, but you will need to be an owner of the Tomb Raider: Legend disc to be able to download them.

Anniversary is a remake of the very first game responsible for rocketing Tomb Raider to worldwide success, which eventually prompted Hollywood to make a film based around it starring big-lips Jolie.

The PlayStation 2 and PC version came out back in May, and bowled us over with its back-to-its-roots approach, restating why most of us fell in love with Lara in the first place.

Those of you with a 360 will likely enjoy slightly polished-up graphics, as well as some picture packs and other Live guffery to go with it.

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