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Konami says it won't be at E3 - but "key projects" are in "deep development"

Silence on the hill.

Konami has pulled out of this year's E3.

In a tweet, Konami said: "due to timing we will not be ready to present at E3 this year."

However, the company insisted it's in "deep development on a number of key projects".

Updates are promised in the coming months, Konami added.

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The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which organises E3, said in a statement:

"We support our partner Konami's decision to not participate in E3 this year and are excited to see what they'll be announcing in the future when they're ready to do so. We can't wait for their return to E3 2022, but in the meantime, we look forward to sharing all of the highly-anticipated reveals, programming and so much more at this year's E3."

Konami teased PES 2022 back in July 2020, but we haven't seen anything of the game since.

Konami is co-developing roguelite hack-and-slash GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, which is due out in May.

But that's all that's announced as coming from Konami in terms of new video games.

Konami has course come under fire in recent years for its declining video game output. While it continues to release PES games, its non-football development is sporadic at best. In 2017 Konami released the well-received Super Bomberman R, which recently got a 64-player battle royale released first on Google Stadia. In 2018 Konami released Metal Gear Survive - Metal Gear's first post-Kojima outing. Since then Konami has focused on releasing anniversary collections of old games, such as Castlevania and Contra.

In January, Konami insisted it had not shut down its video game division amid an internal restructure that led to the consolidation of its production divisions.

Currently, PES 2022 is the only confirmed next-gen game in the works at Konami. While rumours persist of a new Silent Hill game also being worked on, Konami has yet to announce it. There are whispers of a Metal Gear Solid remake, too.

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