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Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets a beta date

First battle/siege! Shields! All core game mechanics! Tripling in size!

There's a lot of interest around no-fantasy medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It looks great, it has one of the most realistic sword-fighting systems I've seen in a game and it's rooted in actual history.

Here's a pic I took in the tech alpha recently.

It's been in alpha testing for a while but now it's nearly ready for the next milestone: beta - and developer Warhorse announced a proposed Q1 2016 date for that this afternoon.

Beta will introduce "all" core game mechanics, the game's overarching story, the first key battle/siege, add shields to combat and the current map will triple in size. Creative director Daniel Vavra explained and showed some of these things in a developer update video.

The plan is for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to launch on PC in summer 2016 and then appear on PS4 and Xbox One a couple of months later, which is ambitious. You can join in the testing process by contributing to the ongoing crowdfunding at an appropriate level.

Cover image for YouTube videoKingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #12: Crime system and more