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Kinect UK release date announced

Update: Microsoft clears up confusion.

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UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed Kinect will be released in the UK on 10th November. Glad that's cleared up.

ORIGINAL STORY: Xbox 360 sensor Kinect will be released in the UK on 10th November, Microsoft has announced.

Or is that 17th November? We're not entirely sure.

Kinect will be available bundled with the new Xbox 360 4GB model for £249.99 / €299.99 when it launches.

The announcement comes on the eve of the German expo, gamescom, where Kinect will be playable.

Kinect will launch with a bunch of Kinect exclusive games, including Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals and Kinect Joy Ride.

That would be that, you'd think. But Chris Lewis, vice president, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft Europe, doesn't seem to agree with his own press release.

The note begins by confirming the 10th November date. But then Lewis says it'll be out a week later.

"With Kinect launching on November 17, it's set to not only transform our business but also change how we use entertainment."

17th November? But...

Yes, we're checking with Microsoft now. The date mentioned by Lewis may relate to Kinect's wider European launch.

Lewis added: "With Kinect, YOU become the controller, giving you the choice in how you and your friends navigate entertainment and gaming experiences. We're already seeing a high level of anticipation in Europe with sales of the Kinect ready Xbox 360 250GB creating an all-time record weekly market share."

We're in Germany now, preparing to give gamescom the coverage of a lifetime.

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