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Kinect Doodle Jump game announced

iPhone MP patch "soon", iPad DJ exists.

Mobile mega-hit Doodle Jump is heading to Kinect and Xbox Live Arcade.

Developer Lima Sky said there are "development plans" in place but mentioned no time-frame for release.

Doodle Jump has been sold 10 million times on mobile platforms. It's a vertically-scrolling platform game. You tilt the mobile device (BlackBerry's don't tilt) and the Doodler hero moves faster. The idea is to keep going for as long as possible. Why? Because you'll get an even higher score!

How exactly this will work on Kinect remains to be seen.

Lima Sky also mentioned that a free multiplayer update for Doodle Jump on iPhone will be released "very soon". The iPad version of Doodle Jump "is, well, still in the works".

"After such incredible first two years, it is safe to say Doodle Jump has exceeded even our wildest imaginations," said Lima Sky founder Igor Pusenjak - he who tried to purge the App Store of all games with the "doodle" prefix.