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Watch: Johnny and Ian get doubly disappointed by Double Dragon 4

Bimmy and Jimmy.

Some of my earliest and fondest gaming memories revolve around playing the Double Dragon games with my brother.

I vividly remember unwrapping the Spectrum +3 disk version of Double Dragon 2 for Christmas in 1989 for instance, and then a year later we wasted countless hours of our lives on the vastly different NES version of the same game.

That's why, when Double Dragon 4 was announced late last year, I got a little bit excited. Visually it's identical to the NES version of Double Dragon 2, with sprites and even graphical glitches lifted straight from the 8-bit era.

Unfortunately the excitement didn't last long, because it turns out a hard kick in the nostalgias is the only good thing about Double Dragon 4. Check out the video below to see the game in action, as I - perhaps rather cruelly - force Johnny to be my co-op partner in this disappointing trip down memory lane.

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Now, I like the fact that a lot of Eurogamer readers are around the same age as me. That means there should be quite a few of you with similarly fond memories of Double Dragon and its sequels. Do share them in the comments below, I'd love to read them!

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