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Double Dragon 4 looks like a proper good Double Dragon sequel

And it's out next week.

This one crept up on me: Double Dragon 4 comes out next week on Steam and PlayStation 4.

There have been plenty of rubbish Double Dragon games over the years, but this one looks like it could be good. For one, it's made by Arc System Works, the Japanese brains behind superb fighting games Guilty Gear and BlazBlue and the original Double Dragon that came out in 1988.

Arc System Works put out the video, below, which shows off gameplay from Double Dragon 4. There's a duel mode where you fight against another player, a tower mode where you keep fighting and climbing until you die, and of course a story mode. There are loads of characters to unlock and the visuals look suitably retro-tastic. Double Dragon 4 looks like a lot of fun!

Watch on YouTube

Steam says Double Dragon 4 unlocks on Tuesday, 31st January, and the video says it's also coming to PS4, so hopefully it'll turn up on Sony's console in Europe on Wednesday.

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