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John Wick Hex gets October release date

Pencil it in.

John Wick Hex has finally got a release date - and it's sooner than you might think. It comes to PC and Mac on 8th October.

The action-oriented timeline strategy take on John Wick was developed by Bithell Games (developer behind titles such as Thomas Was Alone and Volume), and sees players cut their way through rooms of enemies in a fight-choreographed chess play-style.

John Wick Hex has an original storyline within the John Wick universe and features voice acting from Troy Baker as the titular villain, Hex, as well as Ian McShane and Lance Reddick who both reprise their roles from the films.

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Our very own Emma Kent had the chance to preview John Wick Hex at E3 and praised its authentic yet unique take on the franchise: "I was incredibly impressed with John Wick Hex: aside from it feeling surprisingly fluid, the concept of 'pressing pause' to see Wick's tactical decision-making from moment-to-moment is an intriguing premise that really works."

Upon launch, John Wick Hex will be a PC exclusive via the Epic Games Store.

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