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Jetpac this week's XBLA

Rare treat for 400 points.

Microsoft has confirmed that Jetpac Refuelled will be this Wednesday's Live Arcade addition.

It's a remake of the 1983 classic space blaster by Rare, and will cost you 400 points to download.

Jetpac has been completely overhauled for 2007, with a comprehensive graphical update for high-definition TVs, as well as more enemies, simultaneous multiplayer action for up to four players, and over 100 new levels.

You'll also be able to accrue the usual bounty of achievements, totaling 200 gamerpoints, in addition to posting your best score into a service-wide leaderboard.

Both old and new versions of the game will be included.

Jetpac Refuelled challenges you with rebuilding your crashed spaceship by collecting scattered debris, fighting off hordes of hostile aliens at the same time. Once you've refuelled and taken off from one planet, you'll go and crash into another, rinsing and repeating said formula until there's nowhere left to go.

Look out for our thoughts on the game later this week.

Meanwhile you can head over to our Jetpac Refuelled gamepage to see the latest screenshots and trailers for the title.