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Jetpac dash theme bug fixed

Free download fixes it.

Rare has issued a small update for Xbox Live Arcade title Jetpac Refuelled that takes care of an annoying bug that prevents you accessing an unlockable dashboard theme and gamer pictures.

The British developer has apologised and says that if you delete the game from your hard disk you'll be able to redownload it at no extra cost from Live Arcade and no longer experience the problem.

Thankfully, undertaking the process won't rob you of your saved games or leaderboard status either, so there's really nothing to stop you. For more detailed instructions, pop over to the Rare website.

We rather liked the game when it came out recently, with Kristan labelling it "a cheap, but rather lovely remake of the simple shooter that kicked off Rare's legacy" and "well worth the 400 points Microsoft's charging for it". For more of his thinking, have a flick through our Jetpac Refuelled review elsewhere on the site.