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Jason West hasn't worked at Respawn since May last year - report

Left for family reasons after Activision lawsuit was settled.

Jason West, he of the West & Zampella Infinity Ward saga, has reportedly left Respawn Entertainment - the studio he co-founded after leaving Activision and Call of Duty behind.

Apparently he hasn't worked there since May 2012.

He left for family reasons, Kotaku learned from a couple of sources. And he took off after the Activision court case was settled (31st May).

West (left) and Zampella.

Respawn Entertainment, a privately owned company, declined to comment.

Jason West and Vince Zampella were fired - marched out by security - from Activision-owned studio Infinity Ward in March 2010. They filed a huge lawsuit against their former employer days later claiming millions (a figure that would eventually rocket to over $1 billion) of dollars in unpaid royalties for the phenomenal success of their Modern Warfare games.

Activision accused them of plotting to work with the enemy, EA, and a month later that turned out to be true: West and Zampella had set up a new studio and signed an exclusive publishing deal with EA.

Legal to-and-froing commenced until, two years later, the pair settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Respawn's new EA game will be announced at E3 this summer.

I've asked EA for clarification about Jason West but whether it can give any remains to be seen.

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